2011-04-28 01:41 am
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ISO Standard Hello Post

So! I've got a Dreamwidth journal.

I don't know what to do about that.

Mirror LJ posts? That seems to be the hot new thing to do.

Anyway, howdy and hola, ev'body. I'm a geeky spastic Texas hick person. I mean actually spastic, since I've got both seizures and muskuloskeletal disorders. I will think less of you for using spastic, retarded, or any other health-diagnostic word for an insult. I will think even less of you for ragging on my home state, unless you live here too.

I love skiffy and specfic and steampunk, hate Rrrrromance, and believe there is no food which cannot be improved by the addition of either garlic or chocolate. I love fantasy and hate LoTR, and I will mainline comics given an nth of a chance.

I once crashed an entire college computer lab by opening a blank text file. I don't like Macs.

I am not very civil nor terribly introspective. I'm not Nice and I'm not tactful and I don't expect anyone to take me seriously, for crying out loud, I don't think it's even possible to fit a whole CEO in a blender, can't the papers take a joke?